Lynn Jaye has been a painter since the age of five. She grew up in London, England and studied art at the Byam Shaw School of Painting & Drawing, the Central School of Art & Design and the Camden Arts Center, all in London. After a few years of working in the city, she decided to travel and ended up taking a seven-year trip around the world. Arriving in California in 1981, she decided to settle down. New studies in art and design led her to work in the graphic and interior design industry for many years before blossoming into a full-time artist in 1990. She painted in watercolors for the first seven years, then in acrylic on canvas, and has recently returned to her first love, oil on canvas, having found non-toxic mediums and solvents.

Jaye has painted landscapes for most of her career, influenced by the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. She also created a body of non-objective work influenced by Abstract Expressionists and figurative nudes influenced by contemporary pin-up artists. Her latest work is based on a contemplative fascination with flowers, and she went to New Mexico to study the works of Georgia O'Keefe. Jaye is now producing a collection of paintings based on white roses. This work is very personal and this is how she describes it:

"Looking at a flower, deep into its center, is like looking at creation. It is like a meditation, bringing me closer to the meaning of life. I travelled for so long, to so many places and through so many cultures, and now in the simplicity of the white rose, I have found peace and harmony, a place that is still and quiet that radiates energy and love. I hope that this feeling is transmitted to those who gaze at my work." The white rose symbolizes freedom and equality, and these are central to Lynn Jaye's philosophy of life.